Dances done at Richmond 2018/2019 Season


Wednesday 17th October: Katy Kendall

Shiftin' Bobbins
The Falls of Rogie

The Rutland Reel
Midnight Oil
J.B. Milne
Ashley and Her Husbands
Gothenburg's Welcome
Angus MacLeod
The Swan and the Tay
Slytherin House


Wednesday 10th October: John Fletcher

Glastonbury Tor
The Irish Rover

James Gray
The Fireworks Reel
The Den O' Mains
The Speyside Reel
Queen's View
Gang the Same Gate
City of Belfast
Sandy's Scotch Broth


Wednesday 3rd October: Catriona Bennett

Hooper's Jig
Reel of the 51st Division

The Immigrant Lass
The Cranberry Tart
Flight to Melbourne
The Dundee Dragon
General Stuart's Reel
Jean Martin of Aberdeen
The Corian Strathspey
Miss Gibson's Strathspey


Wednesday 26th September: John Fletcher

Mairi's Wedding
The Highland Rambler

Warm Up
Gothenburg's Welcome
Scott Meikle
Findlater Castle
A Trip to Bavaria
The Committee Meeting
The Starry Eyed Lassie
Midsummer Common
The Minister on the Loch
Neidpath Castle


Wednesday 19th September: Club Evening

Best Set in the Hall

Father Connolly's Jig
Staircase in Styria
Quarries' Jig
The Earl of Mansfield
The Dancing Master
Mrs Stuart Linnell
The Bees of Maggieknockater
Miss Eleanor
Linnea's Strasthspey
City of Belfast