Dances done in Richmond 2019-2020 Season

Wednesday 4th December: Committee Choice

Pelorus Jack
Mairi's Wedding

The Westminster Reel
The Spring Fling Reel
Katrina's Kapers
Staircase in Styria
Never at Sea
Gothenburg's Welcome
The Festival Man
The Water of Leith
Far North Queensland

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Wednesday 27th November: Pat Davoll

Mrs Stewart's Jig
The Reel of the Royal Scots

The Morrison Measure
Milton's Welcome
Rest and be Thankful
Lamp Black Lizzie
The Axum Reel
The Paisley Weavers
Far North Queensland
Chasing the Eclipse

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Wednesday 20th November:Luke Bradley

The Montgomeries' Rant

The Findlays' Jig
Gaelforce Wind
Tribute to the Borders
The Reverend John MacFarlane
The Falls of Rogie
The Royal Deeside Railway
The Australian Ladies
Au Revoir mes Amis
Dark Lochnagar
Slytherin House

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Wednesday 13th November: Gaynor Curtis

Swiss Lassie

Crystal Jig
Glastonbury Tor
The Lass Of Richmond Hill
Orpington Caledonians
A Reel For Iris
The Bon Viveur
Dunfermline To Sarasota

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Wednesday 6th November: Deborah Draffin

The Happy Meeting
The White Heather Jig

Vintage Simon
The Gilly Flower
Neil M Grant
Whistlin' in the Kitchen
The Rutland Reel
Lake Geneva
Kyle Castle

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Wednesday 30th October: Brian Pierson

Pelorus Jack
The Montgomeries' Rant

The Fireworks Reel
Scott Meikle
The Black Mountain Reel
The Plantation Reel
Rainbow of Saitama
Stanford Swing
St Columba's Strathspey
"Deer" Friends
The Moray Rant

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Wednesday 16th October: Catriona Bennett

Hooper's Jig
The Reel of the Royal Scots

Mr Iain Stuart Robertson
The Reverend John MacFarlane
Rest and be Thankful
Budapest Fun
The Aviator
My Heather Hills
Dagmar's Fancy
The Gentleman

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Wednesday 9th October: Jenny Kendrick

The Luckenbooth Brooch
Mrs Macpherson of Inveran

Fugal Fergus
Borders Traditional
Jennifer’s Jig
Best Set in the Hall
Polharrow Burn
The Lochalsh Reel
Cadgers in the Canongate
Scott Meikle
Margaret Parker’s Strathspey
The Corian Strathspey
City of Belfast

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Wednesday 2nd October: Luke Bradley

The Montgomeries' Rant
The Reel of the 51st Division

None so Pretty
The Highlandman kissed his Mother
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
The College Hornpipe
Kendall's hornpipe
Light and Airy
Miss Eleanor
The Swan and the Tay
Fair Donald

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Wednesday 25th September: Annette Hughes

Best Set in the Hall
Mairi's Wedding

Nottingham Lace
Reel of the Puffins
Fisherman Ginger's Reel
James Gray
Father Connelly's Jig
Linnea's Strathspey
Cherrybank Gardens
The Gardeners' Fantasia

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Wednesday 18th September: Jim Cook

Joie de Vivre
J.B. Milne

The Clansman
John Of Bon Accord
Tempest In A Teacup
Gothenburg's Welcome
Les Remparts de Séville
The Paisley Weavers
The Quaich
The Minister On The Loch

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