Term Dates and Events

We meet on Wednesdays 19:30-21:30 from September to June. Our dates for the 2019-2020 season are:

Dance Programmes and Cribs

Programmes and cribs for the next few weeks are published on this page. The dances are selected from the published programmes depending on the attendance on the night. The dances in red below are normally the first and last of the evening and are intended to be danced without reminder or walk-through but a quick recap will be given on request. Other dances will be recapped, walked through or taught as required.

Oddfellows Hall is currently closed for refurbishment. It will not be available until 25th November. We shall be dancing in the Theatre at RHACC until then.


Wednesday 13th November: Gaynor Curtis (RHACC Theatre)

Swiss Lassie

Crystal Jig
Farewell To Balfour Road 
Miss Mary Douglas 
Glastonbury Tor 
The Lass Of Richmond Hill 
Orpington Caledonians 
A Reel For Iris
The Bon Viveur 
Dunfermline To Sarasota 
Sands Of Morar 

Strathspey Server Entry: 25286
Minicrib: 2019-11-13


Wednesday 20th November:Luke Bradley (RHACC Theatre)

The Montgomeries' Rant
The Deil amang the Tailors

The Findlays' Jig
Gaelforce Wind
Tribute to the Borders
The Reverend John MacFarlane
The Falls of Rogie
The Royal Deeside Railway
The Australian Ladies
Au Revoir mes Amis
Dark Lochnagar
Slytherin House

Strathspey Server Entry: 25232
Minicrib: 2019-11-20


Wednesday 27th November: Pat Davoll

Mrs Stewart's Jig
The Reel of the Royal Scots

The Morrison Measure
Milton's Welcome
Rest and be Thankful
The Triumph
Lamp Black Lizzie
The Cranberry Tartelette*
The Axum Reel
The Robertson Rant
The Paisley Weavers
Far North Queensland
Chasing the Eclipse

*Cranberry Tartelette is a version of the Cranberry Tart danced in a 3 couple set (6x32 bar jig)
First time - 1C dance the Cranberry Tart (finish in order 2,1,3)
Second time - 3C dance, but with 3L starting and 3M following (finish in order 2,3,1)
Third time - original 2C dance from 1st position (3,2,1)
Fourth time - original 1C dance from 3rd position (lady starts the dance) (3,1,2)
Fifth time - original 3C dance from 1st position (1,3,2)
Sixth time - original 2C dance from 3rd position (lady starts the dance) (1,2,3)

Strathspey Server Entry: 25307
Minicrib: 2019-11-20


Wednesday 4th December: Club Evening

Wednesday 11th December: Jim Cook

The Laird Of Milton's Daughter
Swiss Lassie

Orpington Caledonians
The Cuckoo Clock
Vintage Simon
The Torridon Cross
The Diamond Jubilee
The Shetland Shepherdess
The Dream Catcher
Dark Lochnagar
Cherrybank Gardens
Linnea's Strathspey

Strathspey Server Entry: 25174
Minicrib: 2019-12-11


Wednesday 18th December: Nicole Michon
Christmas Party