Term Dates and Events

We meet on Wednesdays 20:00-22:00 from September to June. Term dates are listed below.

Dance Programmes and Cribs

Programmes and cribs for the next few weeks are published on this page. The dances are selected from the published programmes depending on the attendance on the night. The dances in red below are normally the first and last of the evening and are intended to be danced without reminder or walk-through but a quick recap will be given on request. Other dances will be recapped, walked through or taught as required.


Wednesday 21st November: Jenny Kendrick

Swiss Lassie
The Fireworks Reel

Polharrow Burn
The Lochalsh Reel    (Harrow New Year Ball)
The Surbiton Frolic    (Kilts & Posh Frocks)
City Lights    (Book 52, Kilts & Posh Frocks)
Farewell to Balfour Road    (Book 52)
The Starry Eyed Lassie    (London Branch Christmas Dance)
Fugal Fergus
Follow Me Home    (London Branch Christmas Dance)
Ysobel Stewart of Fish Hoek    (Book 52)
The Glasgow Highlanders    (London Branch Christmas Dance)
Cherrybank Gardens    (Kilts & Posh Frocks)
The Rose of the North

Minicrib: 2018-11-21
Keith Rose Crib Diagrams: Rosecrib_2018-11-21


Wednesday 28th November: Brian Pierson

Hooper's Jig
Ramadan-ce     (Kilts & Posh Frocks)

Quarries' Jig    (Harrow New Year Ball)
New Forest Wedding
The Dancing Master
Fair Enough    (London Branch Christmas Dance)
Staircase in Styria
The Recumbent Stone
The Spring Fling Reel
The Duchess Tree
The Swan and the Tay
Anna's Wedding Cake

Minicrib: 2018-11-28
Keith Rose Crib Diagrams: Rosecrib_2018-11-28


Wednesday 5th December: Gaynor Curtis

Good Hearted Glasgow
Best Set In The Hall 

*** Granville Market
****The Highlandman's Umbrella 

The Cuckoo Clock 
The First of September     (London Branch Christmas Dance)
Orpington Caledonians   
Glastonbury Tor 
The Scallywag     (Book 52)
Torridon Lassies 
Over the Water to Charlie     (London Branch Christmas Dance)
The Gardeners' Fantasia 
The Moray Rant 

*** These dances with be done either side of the interval when we shall be joined by the Beginners & Improvers Class from the Lower Hall.

Minicrib: 2018-12-05
Keith Rose Crib Diagrams: Rosecrib_2018-12-05


Wednesday 12th December: Jim Cook

Laird Of Milton's Daughter
Glastonbury Tor

The Grumpy Gentleman
Trip To Gatlinburg
Tribute To The Borders
Farewell To Balfour Road    (Book 52)
The Black Mountain Reel    (Harrow New Year Ball)
Sleepy Maggie
The Cuckoo Clock
Tap The Barrel
Culla Bay
Triple Happiness    (Book 52)
The Quaich

Minicrib: 2018-12-12
Keith Rose Crib Diagrams: Rosecrib_2018-12-12


Wednesday 19th December: Club Evening
Dancing until 22:30


Wednesday 9th January: Brian Pierson

Wednesday 16th January: Jim Cook

Wednesday 23rd January

Wednesday 30th January

Wednesday 6th February: Brian Pierson

Wednesday 13th February